About the Grants

As part of our mission to facilitate and preserve all forms of artistic expression in Cayman, the Cultural Foundation awards financial grants to individuals, groups and organisations to help further development, to assist in bringing a worthy project to fruition, or in some cases to support an ongoing project or programme. The CNCF Grants and Award Committee meets during the March Review and the September Review to review the applications to determine if an application has merit and decide if the dollar amount applied for should be granted, or granted in a reduced amount. Experienced members from the Cayman Islands arts community may be invited to assist the committee if additional expertise is required for a specialised project. CNCF has awarded grants for training, productions, publications, attendance at festivals, film and special projects.

2023 Grants Cycle generously supported by

Susan A. Olde, OBE.

Grants for the Arts

Thank you for your interest in CNCF’s Grants for the Arts (GFA), our funding programme for arts activities that ‘engage’ people in the Cayman Islands and help individual artists and arts groups to carry out their work. ‘Engage people’ means people being stimulated or inspired by, and getting actively involved with/in, the arts. This could include taking part in an arts activity or creating a work of art.

Our grants are for individuals who are resident in the Cayman Islands and have been resident in the Cayman Islands for the preceding twelve (12) months and operate in the Cayman Islands. They are for activities carried out over a set period and which:

  • engage people in the Cayman Islands in arts activities; and
  • help artists and arts groups in the Cayman Islands carry out their work.

Cash grants are awarded as follows:

Practical Endeavour: Production of a piece of Theatre, Dance, Music and Song, Film, Literary, Crafts. Culinary, etc.
Award Amount: Maximum CI$3,000

Arts Research: Quality interrogation of one or more aspects of Caymanian folk traditions, cultural arts or humanities discipline, leading to the submission of a publication-worthy paper of no less than 5,000 words.
Award Amount: Maximum CI$3,000

Practical Endeavour: Production of a piece of Theatre, Dance, Music and Song, Film, Literary, Crafts, Culinary, etc.
Award Amount: Maximum CI$6,000

Arts Research: Quality interrogation of one or more aspects of Caymanian folk traditions, cultural arts or humanities discipline, leading to the submission of a publication-worthy paper of no less than 5,000 words.
Award Amount: Maximum CI$6,000

Grant Cycle Open

 Our Spring Review deadline has passed. For our Autumn Review, we will be accepting applications until 31 July.

Approved Grants For the Arts 2023

Jawara Alleyne

Jawara Alleyne is an interdisciplinary artist, and fashion designer educator whose work is rooted in cultural identity. Alleyne work has a strong emphasis on sustainability and circularity and questions modern masculinities through design and construction techniques such as draping and cutting and references his background growing up between Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, and London. Jawara will be showcasing his first stand-alone collection at Fashion East during London Fashion Week in September 2023.

Patrice Beersingh – On our Block

“On Our Block,” by Jawara Alleyne and Josh Pearl, symbolizes a cultural statement. Set during Cayman Art Week 2024, it comprises fashion exhibits, student tours, talks, workshops, and sales. This event aims to spotlight Caymanian streetwear evolution, promote diverse talent, preserve local culture, celebrate global success, and enhance the creative industry. Supported by a grant, it seeks to advance streetwear design professionally in the Cayman Islands after a successful showcase during Cayman Art Week 2023.


“On Our Block” will run for three to four consecutive days during Cayman Art Week 2024, in a culmination of immersive fashion exhibits, student tours, a fashion showcase, educational panel talks, a pop-up innovation hub for local creatives, workshops, and retail sales, setting out to demonstrate the evolution of the next generation of Caymanian fashion design in the context of streetwear fashion.

This project aims to develop a program that identifies and promotes diverse creative talent, preserves Caymanian culture through authentic storytelling, celebrates global success of Caymanian talent, inspires future generations, and strengthens the creative and cultural industries.

Matt Brown – Wah Happening Comedy Show

A new comedy show, Wha Happening, debuted at the Harquail Theatre on Friday, 29 September. Born out of the legacy of the Cayman National Cultural Foundation’s long-running musical comedy revue, Rundown, the satirical comedy show was written, cast, directed, and produced by Caymanian creative, Matt Brown. This major theatre project was possible through the Grants for the Arts programme’s recent expansion.



Randy Cholette-Red Boat Experience: Community Project

Randy Chollette has adapted his theatre iteration of the Red Boat Experience and has taken the stage presentation into the community with a drum circle. The community project will take the traditional Cayman Drum and music into areas where arts programmes have not been presented before or in spaces where the community once was but has since been developed in a way that doesn’t allow for the communal gathering of the people in the way it did before in hopes that the music will translate into the human experience the idea that we are all human beings having individual experiences, but yet we are all connected.

Cayman Dance Pool

Cayman Dance Pool, a nonprofit fostering wellness through dance since 2017, plans two full-day workshops across various genres led by local professionals for different age groups. With CNCF funding, these workshops aim to bolster Cayman’s dance industry, enhancing skills like coordination, strength, flexibility, creativity, problem-solving, and teamwork. The training will conclude with a showcase encompassing ballet, contemporary, Caribbean folk, salsa, hip hop, and more, offering students a platform to showcase newfound skills and talents.


Cayman Dance Pool inspires a positive transformation of the mind, body, and soul through the medium of dance. Cayman Dance Pool believes that these workshops will have the potential of strengthening Cayman’s local dancers’ minds, talent and focus as they aid in further developing the dance industry in Cayman.

Anne-Marie Diaz

With financial support from CNCF, Anne-Marie Diaz prepares to release her first children’s book, “The Flying Mermaid.” This book aims to inspire kids to dream big, believe in themselves, and pursue their goals. The story follows a determined mermaid’s quest to fly, using books, observation, friends’ advice, and determination to achieve her aspiration.


Diaz aims to write stories that encourage children towards positive and pro-social behaviours.

In The Flying Mermaid, a young mermaid is determined to find a way to make her greatest wish come true—to fly. With the power of books, observation, advice from supportive friends, and determination, she sets out to discover how she can reach the sky.

Lisa Evans

Supported by CNCF, Lisa Evans creates a new EP reflecting the emotions of a romantic journey’s end. Her aim is to elevate awareness of diverse Caymanian music styles globally, incorporating visual stories and international trends in her content. Lisa values cultural celebration in her art, striving for inclusive music accessible to all, while preserving local elements.


This record incorporates visual stories and themes in all social content, incorporating international music trends to ensure that Caymanian artists can enjoy a more global presence.
With the Cayman Islands itself acting as a melting pot of different cultures and influences, Lisa values the importance of celebrating these cultures in the art that she produces..

James Geary

James Geary initiated the “Cayman to World Series,” Cayman’s first grassroots tour, with GFTA support for its London leg in collaboration with Cayman Connection. Named “Cayman to London,” the concept aimed to showcase Cayman’s culture abroad for one night. Held at Paddington Arts Centre, the event featured local talents like James Geary, King Navassa, Mr. Notch, DJ Zeeky, Cassianne Lawrence, and Sheril Mcfield, offering a taste of Caymanian culture, creativity, and cuisine to encourage global interest in Cayman’s ethos of hospitality and culture absorption.


The “Cayman to World Series” allows for a framework of the Cayman Kind experience to occur anywhere in the world, incorporating elements of Caymanian culture, creativity and cuisine. James aims to encourage people to visit Cayman with a vested interest in absorbing its culture and being a part of the Cayman Kind ethos.

John Gray High School

The John Gray High School Drama and Music Departments prepare for The Wizard of Oz musical by The Royal Shakespeare Company in February 2024. Introducing workshop activities before auditions in September, the production aims to engage students in various roles—performing, orchestral, technical, and more—offering a rare chance for artistic and professional growth. With a focus on providing a “world-class” theatrical experience, the project aims to boost student confidence, encourage collaboration, and nurture the potential of Cayman’s budding performers, many of whom are new to musical theatre, fostering their development outside their comfort zones.


Being John Gray High School’s first schoolwide drama production in many years, this project will also incorporate workshop activities based on characterization, song and dance prior to an audition process beginning September, and a final showcase throughout the month of February 2024.

The production will be open to all students with opportunities to perform, play in the orchestra or be a part of technical, backstage, or front of house teams.

Cayman Islands National Dance Company

The Cayman Islands National Dance Company (Dance Unlimited), a longstanding nonprofit, celebrated their 35th year with a grand showcase at Harquail Theatre. This event highlighted diverse performances across ages and genres, featuring accomplished dancers achieving global success. CNCF sponsorship enabled CINDC to display their substantial contributions to Caymanian dance, solidifying their legacy for years ahead.


Cayman Islands National Dance Company offered a wide breadth of performances across all age groups and genres, and featured dancers that had been involved with the company for decades, now achieving international success in their own dance careers.

Fuego Latin Dance

The “Fuego Latin Dance Festival” returns after a successful pilot, expanding to feature local and global Latin talent supported by CNCF. This event aims to introduce Latin dance to the Caymanian community through workshops, parties, and showcases, fostering a lively learning atmosphere. The festival, a ticketed public event, intends to offer diverse performances, parties, and workshops, collaborating with local artists for an engaging cultural celebration on a national platform.


Aiming to promote Latin Dance to the Caymanian community, alongside activities, workshops, and refreshments, the festival will include a kick-off party, a Latin dance showcase, and a boat party.
The goal of this project is to create learning experiences for Latin dance enthusiasts in a fun and social environment. CLDF is a ticketed event open to the public, where patrons can access a wide breadth of performances, parties and workshops alike. For this iteration of Fuego Latin Dance Festival, the team plans to collaborate with local musicians, bands, and performers to create an engaging Latin music and dance showcase, while also promoting their fellow cultural practitioners on a national scale.

Cassianne Lawrence

Cassianne Lawrence’s upcoming film, AZÉ, delves into Astrology’s link between humanity and nature. Set in Namibia, this short film merges alternative rap and contemporary art, spotlighting blackness, Afrofuturism, and queerness in a captivating and educational manner. It intertwines Caribbean and Namibian cultures through astrology, community, and collaboration, slated for screenings in Grand Cayman, Berlin, Namibia, London, and Jamaica.


AZÉ combines the vision of a Caribbean femme artist with the surrealism of the Namibian landscapes, intertwining cultures through the elements and astrological mappings.
Upon completion, Cassianne and her team will screen the short film in Grand Cayman, Berlin, Namibia, London, and Jamaica, which are all places associated with this project.

Lebron McLean

Caymanian Performing Arts student Lebron McLean secured funding for his Final Year Independent Study Project at Edna Manley College. This study focuses on the impact of childhood trauma on LGBTQ Caribbean adults, aiming to shed light on their experiences and contribute to interventions and support systems. The research aims to initiate discussions across the Caribbean, promoting understanding and support for LGBTQ individuals.


His Final Year Independent Study Project, comprises of two essential components – a research proposal and a practical movement study, followed by a showcase. This independent study focuses on “Unveiling the Resilience of LGBTQ Caribbean Adults: Exploring the Long-Term Impact of Childhood Trauma on Mental Health”, and sets out to examine the experiences of LGBTQ youth navigating familial rejection, social ostracization, and a distressing prevalence of bullying and victimisation.

The significance of this research lies in unravelling the debilitating effects of childhood trauma experienced by LGBTQ youth. By bridging this knowledge gap, the study aims to contribute to the development of targeted interventions, support systems, and trauma-informed therapeutic approaches. This project also extends its implications to the LGBTQ community of the Cayman Islands, as they will be included in the research.

Beneil Miller

Beneil Miller, a prominent Caymanian musician, secured CNCF funding to produce a new EP comprising five songs, celebrating Cayman’s districts. The EP launch, accompanied by visuals, aims to showcase contemporary Caymanian music at Harquail Theatre. Beneil’s goal is to convey Cayman’s beauty and people through music, envisioning local and global promotion for Caymanian music. The EP launch concert will highlight local talent with a 12-piece band.


The project serves to place contemporary Caymanian music on a public scale, and will also feature a launch concert at the Harquail Theatre, with visuals in support of the music. The EP will consist of songs that were written in Cayman following his completion of undergraduate study, and each pay homage to the five districts of Grand Cayman.

The central goal of this project is to be able to express the beauty that Beneil sees in all three islands, as well as the people of Cayman, through imagery and sound. Set to release in March 2024, this new music will expound on the vision Beneil has for the growth and promotion of Caymanian music on a local and international platform.

Wendee Miller

The owner and founder of V4C Promotions, Wendee Miller received support to host a series of workshops in October 2023, with the aim of further training in the Cayman Islands for youth in the field of performing arts. This project’s aim is to create that space to keep our heritage, drive for the arts and talents alive, and put Cayman on the map with our artistic gifts and talents worldwide.

King Navassa

Caymanian artist King Navassa is embarking on a musical journey in his latest project, “The Au Ray Project.” This upcoming album, featuring 11 tracks, is poised to blend diverse Caribbean musical influences while embracing a modern, cosmopolitan vibe unique to Grand Cayman. King aims to break creative boundaries, collaborating with local talents to curate passionate, accessible music that highlights the exceptional prowess of Caymanian artists.


Supported by CNCF funding, the entire production process will unfold within the Cayman Islands, emphasizing the local essence and contributing to the growth and exposure of the region’s musical identity on a global scale. His first album, “The Ride”, was produced in Brazil but this project, with CNCF funding, will be entirely produced in the Cayman Islands. As this album rolls out, King will collaborate with other Caymanian artists to have a collection of songs that can be enjoyed on radio and commercial venues.

Jazz Pitcairn

Jazz, known for her work on HBO’s “A Black Lady Sketch Show,” is crafting the short film “Ivan,” portraying a family’s ordeal during Hurricane Ivan in Cayman, reflecting the wider Caymanian experience. This film serves to spotlight local talent while aiding Jazz’s professional growth in film and TV. Additionally, it offers a platform for Caymanians to learn from industry experts, explore special effects and CGI, paving the way for larger-scale projects. Through “Ivan,” Jazz presents Cayman’s history and the community’s enduring resilience.


This film can be shared with industry professionals to showcase local Caymanian crews/talent, as well as encourage her own professional development as she further establishes herself in the film and television industry.

This project showcases Cayman’s history, and gives a personal account of the struggles our community has endured over the years.

Kristen Reid

To enhance the access of Caymanian actors and cultural practitioners to global training and development opportunities, Kristen Reid journeyed to Los Angeles earlier this year. There, she engaged in a remarkable work experience opportunity within a prominent theatre production, aiming to foster international exposure and growth.

Nasaria Suckoo Chollette

Renowned artist Nasaria Suckoo Chollette, backed by CNCF, crafts a quilt intertwining traditional arts like thatch, crochet, rag-rug, embroidery, and quilting. The quilt narrates Cayman’s home birthing rituals, highlighting women’s roles and resilience. Collaborating with various artists, Nasaria aims to honor Cayman’s women, portraying lesser-known historical facets and showcasing diverse talents while interpreting cultural heritage research into new artistic works. This project aims to explore womanhood’s past, their resilience, and resourcefulness in daily life.


Nasaria is working with an embroidery artist, a crochet artist, a thatch practitioner, a quilter, a yo-yo quilt maker, a rag-rug artist, and traditional quilter to put the works together, creating a platform for other artists to showcase their talents. This project will serve the purpose of giving tangible examples of how the information garnished from cultural heritage research can be interpreted into new works; works that require the artist to re-interpret the information gathered through research. She regards this type of research as one of the keystones of her life’s work.

Bobo and Teedee

BOBO&TEEDEE® is a cherished Caymanian project preserving Thatch Making, educating children about local culture. Through a Caribbean Cartoon series, it follows Bobo and Teedee exploring Cayman and the Caribbean, celebrating diversity. Focused on thatch making’s intricacies, the project engages kids with entertaining education, instilling cultural pride.


BOBO&TEEDEE® is an original Caribbean Cartoon series that follows the adventures of Bobo, the green turtle, and Teedee, the blue iguana, as they explore their Cayman homeland and other parts of the Caribbean. The show celebrates collaboration, inclusion, and diversity while imparting valuable life lessons to children.

As part of their ongoing programming, this specific project focused on thatch making, an integral part of Cayman’s cultural identity. The episodes will delve into the intricacies of the craft, from cutting leaves to preparing thatch ropes, roofs, bags, and more.