The Cayman National Cultural Foundation is a non-profit organisation that, with the support of people like you, is able to make a real difference in this community with the mission “to stimulate, facilitate and preserve cultural and artistic expressions generally, particularly the preservation and exploration of Caymanian performing, visual and literary arts.” Through our programmes, we reach thousands of people of all ages in the Cayman Islands. Because of our wide ambit, CNCF has engendered a transformation in the arts and culture in the Cayman Islands. The work of the Cultural Foundation covers the entire gamut of artist discipline.

Linking your name with the Cayman National Cultural Foundation associates you with a prestigious, well-established organization.

  • CNCF programmes reach a wide cross-section of the Cayman Islands population with live performances in Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac. In some instances performance are in the district.
  • CNCF audiences represents a wide demographic, Caymanians, expatriates, families, young adults, mature adults and even senior citizens make up our audience.
  • The audience includes sophisticated people who are employed in good paying jobs with disposable income.
  • They are also among those who influence trends in our community.
  • Your name can be right there with us.
  • Your associate with the Cultural Foundation builds your image as a good corporate citizen in the eyes of Cayman’s public.

Why Support The Arts?

Support Art

The Arts Builds Families and Communities

“Another old gentleman… by the name of Cashman McCoy… I learned a lot of songs from him because me and a cousin of mine that was learning to play violin at the time used to go and buy him a truppence worth of tobacco… and carry it and give him to play songs for us on his fiddle so we could learn

Traditional Caymanian fiddler, the late Mr. Radley Gourzong

The Arts Promotes Free and Creative Thinking

“The function of the art is to bring order out of chaos, coherence out of the endless static, the gibberish of the stars, and to render people capable of thinking metaphorically. The arts are an essential part of the public education, and without their special lucidity, the college graduate is only half a conscious soul.”

Edward Albee, Playwright

The Arts are Basic to Education

Scholastic Aptitude Test takers with coursework or experience in music performance and those with coursework in music appreciation consistently scored significantly higher on the verbal and math tests than students with no coursework or experience in the arts.

United States College Board

The Art Promotes Tourism

Sixty-five percent of the U.S adult travelers (92.7 million), included a cultural, art, heritage or historic activity while on a trip of 50 miles or more…

Travel Industry Association of America


Cayfest: The Cayman Islands National Festival of the Arts

  • The Only Caymanian Festival of the Arts
  • Music, Dance, Theatre, Art, Television and Radio Events

Gimistory: The Cayman Islands International Storytelling Festival

  • Entertainment for all people
  • Rated among the Best in the World
  • Performed in Every District of Grand Cayman and in Cayman Brac
History & Posterity

Preservation of Cayman Arts and Culture

  • Remembering Where We Came From
  • Keeping Tradition Alive
  • Safeguarding the Work of Artists for Future Generations

National Arts and Cultural Awards

  • Recognizing Artistic Achievements
  • Recognizing the Efforts of Artists, Groups and Organizations
  • Rewarding Contributions to the Development of Arts & Culture

Publication of Literature

  • Local Works
  • Plays… Poetry… Fiction… History
  • Collections
Training & Development

Grants for artistic development and projects

  • Helping Artists Pursue Their Goals
  • Supporting Performance Groups
  • Funding Projects
Youth Programmes

Young at Arts: A junior theatre troupe and training programme or young people

  • Developing Cayman’s Future Performers
  • Providing Alternative, Positive, Activity for Young People in Cayman
  • Theatre, Dance, Music, Stagecraft

Summer Arts Camps

  • Introducing Children to Arts & Culture
  • Accessible to a Wide Cross Section of the Community
  • Craft… Art… Theatre… Dance… Cultural Field Trips
The F.J. Harquail Cultural Centre & The World Stage

Rundown: The annual comedy revue

  • Cayman’s Favorite Comedy & Music Show
  • 20+ Years and Still Playing to Sold-out Houses
  • A multi-cultural Audience of Theatre-goers

Management of the Harquail Theatre & Studio Theatre

  • Cayman’s National Theatre
  • 300-seat Mainstage and 80-seat studio
  • Providing Theatrical facilities for Community and Professional Events

Cayman’s Cultural Ambassadors

  • Representing the Cayman Islands Overseas
  • Widening Cultural Horizons
  • Developing Cultural Links Abroad
  • Member – International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies (IFACCA)