Cultural Activity Packs

Our cultural activity packs are designed to be fun and educational for students of any age. Educators, students and parents alike can adapt the materials to the relevant age group which will help them to learn about culture, diversity and Cayman history in a creative way.

Click on the titles below to download our fun activity sheets to use at home:

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Minds Eye School Tours

The heritage site is open for student tours during the school year.

The programme, designed to cater to students from ages four to 16-plus, allows students and their teachers to access the site during school hours and participate in life-enriching cultural activities. Participants learn valuable lessons about traditional Caymanian architecture, Caymanian shipbuilding in the community, and pivotal moments in Cayman Islands’ history, such as the ’32 hurricane.

In addition, the daily life in a Caymanian household, traditional life in the South Sound community, and the activities of a seafaring family are brought alive for today’s youth as they walk through Miss Lassie’s house and yard.

Tours are led by CNCF’s lead docent, Virginia Foster, a retired educator, assisted by a Cultural Intern, or volunteers who help with age appropriate art activities and videos. They all enjoy the opportunity to share Miss Lassie’s home with the students, to celebrate Caymanian heritage and to inspire future generations with the creative talents of Cayman’s own unique visionary intuitive artist.

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